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About Us GunClassics.comSchnitzel, The Official Miniature Dachsund of4G Company, Bella Vista, AR

We are a family-owned business, located in Bella Vista, Arkansas. We're the Grahams--the four "G's" in 4G Company, an internet marketing company, operating a number of websites geared towards exceptionally great customer service that goes above and beyond what you will find elsewhere in today's world. We think that you'll agree, when you compare us to other internet companies. Our valued customers are the reason for our business! This is Schnitzel, our Miniature Dachshund.  As you can see from his expression, he's not wild about having his picture taken.  He does like to play 'fetch' with a tennis ball, though. Continuously.  For hours on end.  We call him our official company distraction, which he can certainly be, when we're trying to get some work done!  
He's so busy chasing that tennis ball that he doesn't answer e-mails or return phone calls--but we always do!

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We invite you to visit all of our sites.  Feel free to call or email us if you have questions.  Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, but we frequently reply to emails and/or answer calls outside those hours.  As you may have noticed, we are great fans of world history, and many of our websites are geared towards historical themes or products.  We are always open to helping promote museum exhibits,  reenactment events, reenactment groups, living history performances and other history-related events and organizations through our websites.  If you have information on upcoming exhibits, events, etc. that you would like to see included, please contact us.

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Have you had it with bad customer service?

Have you sent an email or filled out a contact form seeking information, and not gotten a response?  Or had to wait a week or a month for that response?  If you finally did get a response, did it skim over your question or leave you feeling only partially satisfied or even unsatisfied? 

Would you prefer to buy from someone who's actually taken the time to know something about the products they sell?  Or someone who doesn't know, or worse, doesn't care? 

These are good customer service questions to ask yourself.  Especially if you have already paid someone, and are trying to get some information about your order. 

At 4G Company's Gunsofold.com, you'll get the kind of personalized customer service and quick, timely responses that a lot of businesses have given up on.  We strongly believe that an autoresponder with a maze of "press one, press two" options does not come close to replacing the kind of customer service you can only get by speaking with someone directly on the phone, or by getting a direct email, written especially for you. 

Whether you are a reenactor in a living history organization, a history enthusiast, actor, film director, or just someone who would like to own an authentic replica of a famous and rare, expensive gun at a mere fraction of the cost, we think you'll agree that good customer service will make the difference.  We have not forgotten that our customers are the number one most valuable asset we have.  Good customer service makes the difference.  Our customers have told us so themselves.  We at Gunsofold.com don't want all of the replica gun business.  Just yours.  
4G Company, Bella Vista, AR

4G Company Mission Statement: We believe that businesses should provide something more than a product or service for a price. Our customers are our most valuable asset, and are therefore entitled to more than the impersonal and indifferent collection of money and delivery of a product. Our customers will never be "just a number" to us. We are interested in what interests them--be it reenactment events, a special period of history, etc., and enjoy corresponding with them and hearing about how they use our products in pursuit of those interests. Many of our customers have used our products in popular historical reenactments and used them to make beautiful displays, and sent us pictures.  We always strive to offer a very personal and friendly level of service that includes:

We believe that small, independent businesses are the backbone of the American economy and promote global trade that supports other businesses and communities around the world. We support and employ the ideals of clean, honest business ethics and practices.

4G Company Websites

Non-F iring and blank-firing replica guns,Old West badges, holsters, reenactor accessories, in formation, and much more. Fine replicas of the most famous guns of all time, and much more. From all periods of gun history.

The site you're on now. The companion site to gunsofold.com. History, information, stories and photos of classic historical firearms.  Visit our comprehensive glossary. This site is always growing.  We continue to add features and pages to this site.  

Medieval clothing, armor, swords and accessories, Renaissance "renfair" items, doublets, wenchwear and more.

Replica reproductions of famous classical artifacts from world history, statue miniatures, wall plaques, huge selection of chess sets, and many other authentic replicas of antiquity.  We have had issues with our producers going out of business, but we continue to work on this.  Some pages on this site may not go through.

A site to get or give recipes in various categories, and information on various food-related health issues, especially on glycemic index and diabetic issues .